UnbelievaBoat - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Commands are not working
  1. Check the bot has the sufficient permissions in the channel you are trying to use it.
    It requires at least Read and Send Messages.
    Make sure to check channel permissions, and any other roles the bot has.

  2. Check the command or module isn't disabled.
    You can use the test command, in the Permissions module, to find out what has been disabled to prevent the command from working.

  3. Check if mentioning the bot works, instead of using the prefix. E.g. @UnbelievaBoat#1046 ping

  4. Are you typing the command correctly? View the command list to check the usage.

How can I change the prefix from !
Use the prefix command.

How do I create a Muted role to use with the mute command?
Use the command muted-role create.
This will create a role in your server called Muted, and sets the permissions for Send Messages and Add Reactions to .
Ensure other roles the member has doesn't have these channel permissions set to .

How do I prevent the bot being used in certain channels?
If you want to prevent just a single command or module in a channel use the commands in the Permissions module.

If you want to completely prevent the bot from being used in a channel, follow these steps:
  1. Make sure the bot doesn't have the Administrator permissions in role settings, as this overrides any channel permissions.
  2. Go the channel settings for the channel you don't want commands to be used.
  3. Deny the Send Messages permission for UnbelievaBoat. (see image below)

What are the default settings for the bot?
Currency symbol: £
Chat money:
min: 5
max: 15
cooldown: 1 minute
Game cooldown:
usages: 4
duration: 5 minutes
payout min: 20
payout max: 250
cooldown: 4 hours
payout min: 100
payout max: 400
fine min: 10%
fine max: 20%
fail rate: 35%
cooldown: 4 hours
payout min: 250
payout max: 700
fine min: 20%
fine max: 40%
fail rate: 60%
cooldown: 4 hours
fine min: same as crime
fine max: same as crime
cooldown: 1 day